Sunday, October 31, 2010

Malacca trip with my boyfriend (our 1st trip =D)

Hello reality I AM BACK!

It sucks, seriously. It's annoying to admit that leisure time always ends so quickly while working hours ticking so bloody slow. (this is what Albert found 'the relativity theory', I bet that he was depressed like I do) So, based on Albie (Albie is a short form of Albert, right right??), relativity works like this:

When you touch a boiled pot, five seconds feels like 5 hours but when a guy touches a sexy chick's ass, 5 minutes feels like 5 seconds. See? It's relativity.

So it happens with my vacation. Two days one night feels like 2,5 hours. When I opened my eyes again, "Where the hell am I, Kuala Lumpur? Oh not again.."

Well but at least I got the chance to go with my boyfriend this time. I went to this historical city before with four other friends a few weeks ago. The experience was different. Last time we went by my boyfriend's car and we were all 'Malacca's virgins', never been there before. Thank God, You invented GPS through your human! And thank God, You let it works on my blackberry, because the other GPS that my friends have is totally useless.

So I went to Malacca (the famous heritage city of Malaysia) by a public bus called, Transnasional Coach can be found in Bukit Jalil Bus Station. It was unbelievably cozy and really far from my expectation (will got a lot of baby noises, people chattering, many more...), and more importantly, it is CHEAP dude! Only spent 24.60 for return trip!

The image of the bus looks like below:

See what I'm talking about? It was *thumbs up! I recommend this transportation if you want to go outstation!

The trip was taking about 2 hours. I was drooling about more than half of the journey, nyehehe...
(that proves how good the coach is, feels like taking sedatives :D)

So, when we reached there. We were dropped in the Melaka Sentral (it's like the KL Sentral of Malacca), I heard that the monorail is ready, but I didn't see the sign of its existence though.
Meanwhile, me and my boyfriend was thinking about how to go to the Red Church a.k.a Stadthuys building. Then we walked around and asking people about the town bus, we found a perfect ride to go by. The mini bus was painted in bright red (no it's not related to AirAsia OK?) and the name is "Panorama Melaka". It's way better than the Town Bus Service that was suggested by Uncle Roeslan. (geez Town Bus Service is such a huge piece of tin-crap!)
The fare to stop in Red Church was only RM 1.00 per person, It is not wise to burn your pocket BEFORE you even entered the main attraction right? So it was a very gooood deal!

It's ME in front of the Red Church (Christ Church) - It was taken during my 1st trip =D

Curious when did we stay for the whole trip?
I made a booking prior to our trip at Hallmark Hotel. Again, it was unexpectedly satisfying stay-experience!

The picture doesn't lie like the brochures and Ads always do.

The room was just nice and simple. The bedding is so comfortable that my boyfriend was like attached to it! The bathroom also quite good (especially high five to the modern toilet! It has the two sprayers for your hygienic purposes).

After resting a while because of the long ride walking to the hotel (again thank you GPS! Because of you I can find Hallmark Hotel! And uhm, thanks to the local people too =D) we went to the night market along the way of Jonker Street.

It was amazing... The street was filled with various hawker stalls that sell foods, snacks (viva fried snacks and siu mai!), toys, lucky chopsticks, and many else. But our main target for the night was not only to explore the night market but to let my boyfriend tastes the famous Satay Celup!
I've been asking around for the nearest place to eat satay celup in the area. But unfortunately most of them said that the nearest restaurant was closed due to some reason. So they suggested us to go Capitol Satay Celup, one of the most famous place to eat the traditional dishes. But it was quite far from where we were. We gotta take a cab or else we have to walk.

I put out my blackberry and run my GPS, well I found that it's not that far. So we decided to walk there. As we reached there, I was like... "Oh shit, people were right! We gotta line up to get seated!" And it was no joke, the queue was long and I was damn hungry dammit =D

Well the picture below is actually not mine (stole it from google) because I didn't take a picture of it >.<. But somehow it looks like this:
yeah... That was how crazy people to be so patiently waiting (including us-of course :P) to get seated.

I got tired of writing... *sigh. But I'll just summarize it quickly, after that we went straight to the hotel and had some rest after all the food hunting and we woke up in the next morning, lazily and doing nothing much but enjoying the money that we spent on the hotel (by laying down all day). After that we packed our stuffs up and got ready to go back to KL. But we dropped by to the museum near the red church. It is called "Malacca Museum" - if I'm not mistaken, kinda forgot the actual name =3

I post some personal pictures down here. Please don't judge, because I'm not posting these on the ANTM blog right? =D

Can't wait for the next trip!

Erm, maybe after this we will go to Penang (not just the two of us, but maybe with 6 other friends). Hell yeah.. I hope it will be great even though gotta manage to adapt with huge party!


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