Friday, July 25, 2008

OhmiGod! I find my true love! (finally???) part.1

Whoaaaa! My first time blogging! I am so darn excited to share what I feel for all this time, and what I hid from everyone (my deepest, darkest secret!), now it's time to open up the old treasure and share the fortunes! Hahahaha...

I'm 19 years old now, but going to leave my 'teen' age soon. It's so depressing, knowing that your life is not getting shorter and yet, you haven't reached any goal! You did not even do the easiest job at your best.

Well, the word 'you' that i have mentioned above actually is referring to MYSELF. hehehehe =P

I have a BIG ambition, but I don't know how to make it come true. It's so HARD my goodness. I mean, it's not a piece of cake to become an ambassador when you are not in the related field right? (I'm talking about the proper education I should get). But that doesn't stop me to reach what I should get. There's no word of QUITTING. I am NOT a quitter. It's just... I need to get a GOOD luck. It's a 'man's world', my father would say. And it's political, you know, you are dealing with the more powerful you are, the easier you get into the matter.

And I have no one knows about POWER. Become a politician, you got to be sly, slippery like an eel yet firm like a rock. You've got to be smart-ass like a snake. Sounds hard eh? Yeah IT DOES. It's a real challenge for me. Because one of my goals in life is... to make a DIFFERENCE in this world. To make a stubborn leader like Uncle Sam let other countries live in peace without invasion due to whatsoever the reason is. WOW. Maybe I'd risk my own life to make that kind of thing happens.


I just realized my title posted up there. I should be talking about LOVE for the love of GOD.

-_-' I hate talking about it when I'm not in it. But nahhh, it's interesting. You must prepare something when you read it (popcorn--butter/caramel, not chicken 'cos it's fattening or lollipop) otherwise you'll be getting bored.

Ok. The story begins when I made the decision to study abroad. I believe that i will find my oh-so-called prince charming very soon (because I didn't find any decent guy at that moment hahaha..)

My Mom said, "Ohhh come on! You are not young anymore! Please go out some time and sailing!"
I was like, "MOM! You don't think I am OLD, do you?? I'm still 18 years old! And I don't get it by the word 'sailing' you just said."
My Mom was sighing and put a desperate look at her face. She keeps thinking that her daughter is some kind of old-hag or something. I hate it when I see her making that kind of expression.
"Honey, I mean it's HIGH TIME for you to have someone, you know, a boyfriend! And 'sailing' refers to catch a fish, and by 'fish' means..."
OH I don't wanna hear it. "Aaa... I know what fish means, ok? And forget about it. I'm not a sailor... of love or whatsoever. So just accept the fact that I'm still single, ok. Pray hard to let God drop a cute guy and he's crazy enough to marry me."

My Mom thought that I have gone crazy, "Oh I hate this conversation. Especially having it with YOU. Do what you want to do, as long as you don't come sobbing to me and say that you sick of being ALONE. You are the one who abandon yourself from the community."

Yeah, RIGHT. Community. Like I was some kind of anti-social girl or something. I have my own community, and boys are in it! But, they were more like a bunch of soccer boys. I didn't see them as guys that I would date with, but boys that I would hang out and do-stupid-things with. But it doesn't change the fact that I'm still attracted to preppy guys (I don't like CUTE guys, CUTE means sissy to me), the cool guy who is smart and dedicated his life for his job. Should I mention RICH? Oh yeah... but as long as his wealth is gained by his own sweat and blood, not from his family inheritance.

Ok, stop talking crazy about my criteria. I'm so damn sure that you don't want to know that.

Then, after a long discussion with my Dad about where I'm going to for college (I wanted to study in Vancouver, Canada and I was planning to take International Relation course. But a BIG NO was shouted out from my Dad's mouth. So he sent me off to here) then I am here, with a BIG question mark on the top of my head. What the hell am I doing here??? What on earth made my father sent me off here and taking a HOSPITALITY course?????

It doesn't sound like me at ALL. When I think of that faculty, I had this picture where lots of good people wearing sophisticated suits with the girls have their hair tied up or twisted, and the guys are having too much gel on their's. Then those good people like to smile a LOT (all the time!), yuck! It's like so fake! I don't smile when I don't feel like to.
So, in a shell, I don't belong there.

But the fact is that I am here, and I survive. :) All I need is to be patient, and try to get use to it (all the smile thing and dress so freaky formal).

When will I touch anything about 'love' huh? Hahahaha, see? I DO hate to talk about it.

However, when I reached here (got off the plane without any jet lag like most people usually have--'cos it was so damn near, My God.) I imagined that sooner or later I will find my true love. Boys in my country suck, I hope not in here. (No offense boys, you do suck. accept it with a big heart, sure you'll fly to heaven)

And I found him! (at least at that time I 'think' I've found him) He was there, standing, looked so arrogant and bossy, looked like a guy with power. Powerful guy is one of my 'turn-on', hahahahaha!
I didn't talk to him like I wanted to, but the other guy was just swoop in the moment that made me distracted from him. So, that was it. Nothing could possibly happen, and I haven't put my hope into anything. So, I think everything was just fine.

But oh boy... The story still goes on...