Sunday, October 19, 2008

Imsoniac, Sore Throat... sucks.

I think I gotta see someone. Seriously.

Like today, I only had my sleep for about 2 hours. That wasn't a good, nice rest, though. I keep having this images spinning around in my mind, prevent me to sleep. I tend to think a lot, even though I resist myself to not do so, but still my brain forced myself to think. My memory is killing me. Because all the memories I have now are spinning around like a screen saver on my brain--which I didn't set of.

Now, I'm not feeling well--at all. I feel sick. I have a running nose, awful coughs, headache and my eyes are burning.

I remember the time I wished I was sick, because if so I don't need to come to work. lol.
But now, I realize that health is what I really want to have at the moment.

Yesterday, I went out with my friends and my roommate. We had dinner at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel. After we fulfilled our craving, we went to the Bar to get my stuff back (I put a plastic bag there before). Then the staffs there insisted us to hang around, since it was raining heavily outside.

We had fun, we took pictures, and the bartender made us a nice mocktail (I know how to make it!). But one thing was intolerably annoying. There was this guy, who is known as GM's close friend. He acts like a total jerk who always sticks on everybody's business. He approached our table and asked me sarcastically, "Have you finished your training here?" and he gave this nastiest look at us.
"Nah, we haven't." I answered shortly.
He kept standing there like he was interogating us, "Oh? Then where are you working now? You are not working today?"
What was he trying to do, actually?
"I'll work at the Chinese restaurant tomorrow. I Don't go to work today, since today is Sunday--my day off"

Then he turned his head to one of my friend who also a trainee there. "How about you?"
She answered, "I am still working."

With the victory in his hand, he went away from us--with a smirk on that face. Yuck.

He sat in the bar and kept talking bad about us to the management and to the staff. And I could guess what he was talkling about. I bet he complained about how come trainees like us could hang out here. We were not supposed to stay like this. But, BIG DEAL. We brought guests with us, though.

Even the management themselves didn't say a word about us hanging around there. Why should he be bothered? It was not like we were there in a busy time. The place was quite empty. Duh!

He totally ruined our joyful evening, and we hate him.

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